A small family farm on the plains of eastern colorado. Keeping things simple. I want to grow things. All types of things from fruit, veggies, chickens, ducks, geese and goats. I also make things like bread, pickled things will start making cheese. I enjoy being out on the farm, like a egg in a skillet i have know idea what shape things will take or where that is going to lead me. As a pleasant side effect i end up with extra. I would love this website to be a place where you can follow along with me and purchase my extras from pickled eggs, tee shirts to chicks and wheels of cheese. I hope you will join me with this journey of growth in all ways. lets talk about permaculture. lets talk about making sourdough bread ok im no bread snob so lets talk about bread of all kinds. nan or that one stuff i made one time it was so good. i would like to bake with fire, wood oven would be nice but i live on the parie what the heck am i to do for wood? i need a cow pie stove. with a pinch of wood for taste. I joke but its things like that the idea of cooking in a wood fire oven. well that idea could lead me down a interesting road indeed. with some wonderful extras.

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