Welcome to 3 Legged Dog Ranch, affectionately known as 3LD_R, where the legacy of our grandfather’s homestead lives on through every loaf of sourdough, every fresh egg, and every decadent slice of cheesecake we offer. Nestled in the heart of our family’s land, our farm is more than a business; it’s a tribute to tradition, quality, and the simple joys of rural life.

Our story begins over 47 years ago when our grandfather built the very house we still call home today. Surrounded by rolling pastures and the comforting sounds of nature, 3LD_R is where we continue his proud heritage of craftsmanship and care.

At 3LDR, we take pride in our artisanal offerings. From our signature sourdough bread, baked with a secret family starter, to the golden-yolked eggs from our free-roaming chickens, every product reflects our commitment to sustainable farming practices and the highest standards of quality.

But our farm is more than just a bakery and a henhouse. Here, you’ll find a bustling menagerie of animals, each with its own role in our farm ecosystem. Ducks and geese glide gracefully across our ponds, while chickens scratch and peck in the fields. Our dogs and cats keep watch over the barn, and our goat and horse add their own charm to the pastoral landscape.

Whether you’re stopping by for a loaf of bread, a dozen eggs, or a slice of cheesecake that melts in your mouth, we invite you to experience the warmth and authenticity that define 3LD_R. Thank you for supporting our family farm, where every purchase sustains a way of life rooted in heritage and shared with you, our valued community.